The <dynamic-input> component contains the following props:


Contains an instance of the FormControl Object which tracks the value and validation status of an individual input field.

 control: {
    type: Object as PropType<FormControl<InputType>>,
    required: true,
export type InputType =
  | TextInput
  | NumberInput
  | SelectInput
  | TextAreaInput
  | CheckboxInput
  | RadioInput
  | EmailInput
  | PasswordInput
  | RadioInput
  | ColorInput
  | UrlInput
  | CustomInput

export type FormControl<T extends InputType> = T & {
  valid: boolean
  dirty: boolean
  touched: boolean
  errors: ValidationErrors | null


By default, input validation can be triggered by a blur or a change event on the input (Check validation). However you can force the validation state of the input by changing this prop to true.

  forceValidation: {
    type: Boolean,
    default: false,