Custom Field

Using dynamic scoped slots approach, now is easy to add your own custom fields to the dynamic-forms component.


The first step is to add a new FormField with type: 'custom-field' to your form fields array in the components data:

fields: {
    avocado: CustomField({
        label: 'My Avocado field',

Inside of the dynamic-form component, add a <template> tag with the attribute v-slot:nameOfYourField equal to your custom CustomField name property (In this case, avocado).

To make sure your component works within the same API, it's important to also add the deconstruction of the slot v-slot:avocado="{ control, onChange, onFocus, onBlur }" to the <template> tag. This will allow your input to access data And methods from inside the Dynamic Form component such as:

  • control: contains FormControl instance // Check model 'FormControl`
    • value
    • type
    • name
    • dirty
    • touched
    • validations
    • errors
  • onChange: event on input change
  • onFocus: event on input focus.
  • onBlur: event on input blur.
<dynamic-form :form="form" @change="updateValues">
  <template v-slot:avocado="{ control, onChange, onFocus, onBlur }">
    <div class="avocado-field">