Vue Dynamic Forms

📑 Official Documentation for Vue Dynamic Forms

Magical 🧞‍♂️✨

Generating forms quickly from a simple data object, a JSON string or the response from an ajax call using only a DynamicForm component, yup, that easily.

Customizable 🧑‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤

Vue Dynamic Forms is UI agnostic, plain style ready for you to customize, or you can import one of the default themes

Built-in Validation 🦾

No need to add more dependencies for your input validations, Vue Dynamic Forms comes with a pretty solid built-in validations to make your life and your project easier.

Flexible 🤸

This library is aimed to give an awesome developing experience, you need a really custom input type that is not in the library? Create your own and attach it vĂ­a scoped slots.

Made by Alvaro Saburido with 💚